My Story

My journey into the world of gems started at the dawn of the 1990’s in Germany’s gem capital Idar-Oberstein. Holding those colourful pebbles in hand immediately captivated my imagination and their spell never released me since.

Travelling the world in search of some of nature’s most mesmerising colours and shapes as well as pursuing as much knowledge as possible eventually led to devoting my life to this wonderful passion.

What was once attention reserved to the world of precious coloured gemstones, has since my 2013 arrival in Antwerp culminated in a journey deep into the brilliant realm of diamonds.

Yet It was here that after working with natural coloured diamonds I realised that my special love for succulent, bold colours and more unusual, sophisticated hues remains. And although trading in white diamonds has become part of the story, ‘colour’ lies firmly at the heart of the company. Jaensch (‘Yensh’) is all about colour!

Today it is my pleasure to provide you with some of the finest gems and most adorable diamonds hailing from all corners of our planet. Only the great classics of pedigree – beautiful rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds and the few, rare gemstones I consider exceptional and precious enough to have a lasting impact on the world of jewellery find their way into the collection.


A small near vertically-integrated operation, every piece of rough is meticulously chosen according to stringent quality considerations and manufactured by select cutters according to my instructions. Every step of the entire process from rough to polished is strictly controlled:

from shaping the rough also known as ‘blocking’ to ‘cross-working’ the stones, laying the initial facet pattern unto ‘brillianteering’, the final stage of manufacturing.

It is my desire to exclusively supply you exceptionally well-cut stones, every stone being a piece of art with special emphasis placed on modern accurate interpretations of the great classic antique style cuts, unequivocally revered for their soft, elegant glow.

Once manufactured these gems are destined to enrich the collections of avid gem lovers and connoisseurs throughout the world or arranged to create beautiful jewellery that will adorn their future wearer for years to come.

May they bring you much joy!

Yours faithfully,

Peter Alexander Jaensch


©Jaensch, 2019. All Rights Reserved. Photography: Donald Woodrow Design: Kre8 Design

©Jaensch, 2019. All Rights Reserved.
Photography: Donald Woodrow
Design: Kre8 Design